from big scale software to
solopreneurship and freelancing
everything but a designer 😅

Driven by curiosity and a love for tackling challenges, I’m always pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. My days are dedicated to learning, building, or thinking through something new, reflecting my zest for life
My journey.

4.Had the opportunity to join Talent Protocol venture at the start of 2023. I was hyped to learn about crypto, meet people from the space and learn about all the things that were going on. I learned a lot about the thirst of building and companionship and will never forget this experience.

Talent MateTalent Protocol

3.I was part of the MindSwap bootcamp during 2023 and had the opportunity to help students grow in the IT sector. It was a truly fulfilling experience in personal and professional levels.

  • Designed and lectured Frontend Upskill
  • Frontend Teacher

2.Since I was young, I wanted to build something meaningful that I’d be proud of for years. So, I co-founded Mozantech, a place where we offer consulting and software solutions based on what we believe is important in our field.

  • CTO
  • Consultant
  • Building turn key projects

1.Finding the words to describe what I’ve lived here is very difficult but I feel that this journey made me grew in levels I couldn’t even think of before. Either personally and professionally, this made me take the next steps in my life. Going from junior level to leading a team of 40+ developers truly refined my approach to both technical challenges and interpersonal dynamics.